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Downsizing Can Be Uplifting


There are many situations in life that present the opportunity for downsizing a household.  Perhaps your children have grown and moved out, you are moving into a smaller home, or simply want to pare down your belongings to just the necessities. Most people feel overwhelmed by just the thought of going through the process of downsizing. Sure, it takes time to go from room to room deciding what to keep or donate, but there is a tremendous upside to completing the journey.  In fact, once completed many people ask themselves why they didn’t downsize earlier! 

If you are preparing to downsize your household, here are just a few of the rewards and benefits you can look forward to.  


Less Clutter. After downsizing, you will only be left with necessities and items that you love. All of your excess clothing, dishes, furniture, and decor won’t be hanging around unused in the basement, closets, cabinets or boxes. 

Less Financial Stress.  With a smaller home, you are likely to have a lower mortgage or monthly rent payment and significantly reduced utility expenses.  This additional income can be used for retirement investments, vacation, or whatever you like.

More Free Time.  This is one of our favorites! A smaller house with fewer belongings means your housekeeping chores will be dramatically decreased.  Sure you will still have some things to do around the house, but you will have fewer rooms to clean and perhaps you won’t have any yard maintenance. 

Renewed Energy. A byproduct of less stress and more free time to do what you like is a sense of renewed energy!  It’s like a new lease on life and the choice is yours to create a new chapter. 

A Fresh Start.  Whether it’s a fresh start in a new city or a clean slate in a new home or condo to redecorate, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to reinvent your environment. Take this occasion to discover what you love and surround yourself with the people, places and things that make you happy.


If downsizing is in your future, you have some great benefits to look forward to! Need help with the process? We are here to assist, simply contact us today to set up a consultation.

Posted 185 weeks ago